Over the last few years, the energy sector has evolved a different production and consumption model, in line with the demands of sustainable development. It is also a key driver of the world economy.

Energy production from RES involves a number of promising methods to produce, transmit and consume energy with inexhaustible long-term prospects.

The contribution of RES to the Greek energy mix currently exceeds 18%, approaching the European Union target of 20% gross final energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020 (the goal for 2050 is 60%-70%).


National Day of Greece

21st July @ the Greek Pavilion, 19 Jul 2017

July 21, the Greek Pavilion is celebrating Greece's National Day in EXPO 2017, Astana Festivities have begun with a contemporary photo exhibition (on 19 July) of our beautiful land, as seen by the Greek Instagram Community. ( Greek Instagramers Events ...

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The Greek Gymnastics team at the EXPO and the Greek Pavilion

Astana - Kazahkstan, 30 Jun 2017

The Embassy of Kazakhstan and the Gymnastic Federation of Kazakhstan have invited the Greek gymnastics team of the Eirini Gymnastic Club of Peristeri to take part in the closing ceremony on 27 June 2017 of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Championships ...

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Greece Expo 2017
Greece Expo 2017
Greece Expo 2017


The Greek pavilion at World EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan titled "Energy is in the Air" draws visitors into a dialogue with Greek nature and its energy potential, Greek civilisation, thought and the philosophy of its ancient ancestors and their continuing presence in modern Greece.

Through an atmospheric setting with the message "energised nature / physis energy" and the use of advanced audiovisual systems and digital media, visitors have a chance to travel to Greece. They can physically and mentally experience the power of Greek nature, the coolness of the wind, the warm embrace of the sun and the serenity of the Aegean blue that gives rise to philosophical reflection about life and allows the mind to travel.