Future energy

Over the last few years, the energy sector has evolved a different production and consumption model, in line with the demands of sustainable development. It is also a key driver of the world economy.

Energy production from RES involves a number of promising methods to produce, transmit and consume energy with inexhaustible long-term prospects.

The contribution of RES to the Greek energy mix currently exceeds 18%, approaching the European Union target of 20% gross final energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020 (the goal for 2050 is 60%-70%).

It is estimated that solar energy can cover one-third of Greece's energy needs, while wind power together with benign forms of energy can meet 13.6% of the demand. At least 30% could be provided by hydroelectric power and a significant portion could be derived from biomass.

Future energy

Along with a focus on RES, new technologies are also being implemented to reduce emissions from fossil fuel sources that are part of the cheap domestic fuel (lignite). This will gradually become an increasingly smaller share of the national energy mix, and has already dropped to 30% from 45% two years ago. The production of energy from lignite will not be entirely eliminated, but will be retained as a domestic cheap fuel as part of European targets.

In addition, the capacity for interconnected electrical power for Greece was 11% in 2014, while with new Projects of Common Interest (PCI) this could rise to 15% by 2030. Three interconnections are characterised as PCIs: the interconnection between Bulgaria and Greece, and the two sections of underwater interconnections between Israel, Cyprus and South-East Europe with current and future connections to Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey and the western Balkans. Greece could serve as a hub of electrical power in the region, as well as a regional hub for natural gas, since it is located at a point of entry into the EU along the Southern Gas Corridor, and also has access to LNG and to supplies of natural gas from Russia.

One of the goals of the "Future Energy" expo is to send a message of responsibility to the international community in relation to managing energy in people's lives and on the planet.